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Nexleaf Analytics

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Nexleaf is a nonprofit technology company that strives to revolutionize field work, so organizations, manufacturers and implementers can make large-scale and high impact global health and environmental interventions.

At Nexleaf, we believe that designing effective interventions requires spending time in the field in order to determine if and how an intervention is helping the target community. But traveling to and from the field is exhausting, expensive and potentially disruptive. Nexleaf’s engineers address this problem by designing technologies such as low cost wireless sensors that collect real-time field measurements so key stakeholders and end users can monitor and enhance the impact of their interventions from anywhere in the world.

  • We innovate new cellphone-based technologies to solve pressing environmental and public health problems.
  • We develop lightweight, field-tested sensors, cellphone applications, and advanced data analytics that enable remote monitoring and data collection from almost anywhere on the planet.
  • Our systems include refrigerators that monitor themselves to ensure safe storage of vaccines and send SMS alerts when they require maintenance, and clean cookstoves that reduce air pollution in households and allow wireless transmission of pollution data.

Who we serve:

  • Rural Households: Nexleaf’s sensors are used to measure and collect data about the levels of air pollution produced by families who cook with biomass and to help develop new ways of reducing harmful emissions.
  • Local Health Clinics: Standard refrigerators and cold storage units used to house vaccines and temperature-sensitive medications have been fitted with wireless temperature sensors that track internal temperatures and send alerts to clinic and pharmacy managers when temperatures begin to threaten the viability of the medicines.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Our sensors track the key indicators of NGO intervention efforts, such as the volume of seabird calls during mating season which help estimate the results of conservation projects, and provide data-supported measurements of their successes.
  • Academic and Government Researchers: Nexleaf partners with researchers from leading universities and government agencies to devise and implement studies that require remote data collection and low-cost automated monitoring.
  • Health Agencies: Nexleaf partners with local, national and global health agencies to provide analyses and vizualizations of essential health statistics that drive decision-making and policy-setting.

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