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NORD-STAR is the Nordic Centre of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research. We aspire to a Nordic region that can adapt sustainably to the inevitable impacts of climate change and the unintended consequences of climate policy. Pursuing innovative science, sound economic analysis and effective communication, our goal is to enable Nordic stakeholders to design and implement successful adaptation policy and practice.

NORD-STAR presents two key innovations: state-of-the-art climate visualisation techniques and policy analysis tools to help bridge the gaps between adaptation science, practice and policy, and an explicit link between climate adaptation and mitigation.

NORD-STAR’s work focuses on three main issues: land-use change, energy transitions, and insurance and finance. These are addressed through a combination of scientific visualisation and modelling, and policy analysis.

NORD-STAR also hosts a graduate training programme involving a Nordic alliance of accredited universities and institutions that provide world-class education through solutions-oriented and tool-based courses. Dialogue with Nordic stakeholders further ensures the societal relevance of NORD-STAR’s research findings, and enables an effective response to new knowledge needs.

The NORD-STAR consortium consists of nine core partners from the five Nordic countries: Aalto University, Aarhus University, Chalmers University of Technology, the Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration, Linköping University, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, ProjectZero, the Stockholm Environment Institute, the University of Iceland, and Umeå University.

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