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The National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC), under the Department of Agriculture, is the national referral centre for plant health management, and aims to be a premier national institution for excellence in Integrated Pest Management.


  • To generate pest management technologies that are safe for human health and the environment
  • To disseminate pest management technologies for effective adoption by farmers
  • To reduce crop losses to pest organisms (quality & quantity) to an economically acceptable level

Plant Protection Services provided through the National Plant Protection Program:

  • Pest Forecasting Services – Pre-warning and education on the epidemics
  • Early warning Services – Informed Options for decision making
  • Pest Information Services – Information management (surveillance & pest database) and Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) – For all clients (traders, investors, researchers, students, and so on)
  • Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) – Export/Import and FDI investors
  • Diagnostics Services (identity of Insect Pest/disease pathogen/ Weeds) – for all clients
  • Research and Development (entomology, pathology, weed science, plant protection products, vertebrate pests) – Pest Management Technology services
  • Field Visits & Advisory – Back up, verification and validation
  • Training, Education & Awareness activities – Capacity building and updating on technologies
  • Plant Protection Product Input management – Judicious use, Human health and environment concerns
  • Regional & International coordination and collaborative activities

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