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Natural Resources Group (NRG) works to improve institutional resilience with sustainable water and environmental solutions in a water and climate challenged future.

The management of our natural resources especially relating to water and the environment is becoming increasingly necessary due to stressors such as the demand for water being predicted to outstrip supply in the near future, and increasingly erratic and extreme conditions due to for e.g. a changing climate. Impacts will manifest in all sectors where water is a key factor of production including agriculture/food production, water intensive processes and drinking water supply.

The use of water by often competing users such as the environment and human consumption is highly regulated. However as competition for this scarce resource intensifies, water legislation is changing rapidly to manage the use. For many water dependent enterprises, the water challenge has become too large to manage on their own. NRG was formed in 2016 to assist private and public enterprises with these water and environmental management challenges.

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