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ONG al Sur

Hipokampo en ONG al Sur

My organisation, ONG al Sur, is a ONG based in Chiloe, Chile, working to create social conscience, from an autonomus an independent perspective, to general issues related with Climate Change who affect our citizens lives, in a broad socio-political and spiritual sense. We place ourselves, naturally in the policy-science interface, and we try to generate a consistent thinking on communications as a resilience tool.

The ONG al Sur, with some years creation, has occupied a valuable space in the media regional and subnational landscape, as in the chilean, largely monoplic and serving plutocratic interests, to arrive to the general public with news and cultural information who try to install resilience in the common lives of the people, making comprehensive bridges between all social actors, from goverment, private an communitarian spaces. Between our communicators staff, -as it seems a growing trend in society- has emerged clearly that Climate Change is a global issue full of local senses, that undoubtedly is acquiring momentum as the realization of COP25 in Chile at the end of the year approaches. In the sprit of “communications as resilience”, we generate a “sub site” that we called Hipokampo (KOP25) to congregate social actors, generate capacity building and arise awarning. We believe that is the first thing we have to do in regards to create capacity Building as the first necessary step to Adaptat to climate change.

In a broader political sense, we try to inform the general public of news and events happening in the world, keeping focus in the resolutions and meetings of the UNFCCC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as other related leading related organisations of the UN, like the CBD, UNEA, and others, trying to build the connection between global and local, as in the end is the Climate Crisis. In so doing, we fill a gap that historically chilean Government has tried to develop, keeping international relations out of the reach of the people and taking political desitions that affect us all, without citizen participation and dialogue. Climate Change is no doubt transforming politics.

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