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ONGAWA Engineering for Human Development is an NGO (Non-governmental organization) which focuses on putting technology at the service of human development in order to build a fairer and more charitable society.

To this objective we focus and direct our efforts. We put people and their capacity to generate change at the core of our work, fighting against inequalities, gender ones in particular, and putting special attention to the most vulnerable collectives.

We want an engaged society that works with other social organizations, to promote and demand necessary social changes. We commit to development projects that achieve sustainable results over time.

We increase the supply of basic services in rural Africa and Latin America, strengthening public and communitarian organizations responsible for these services. We apply ICT’s in order to improve the probabilities of economic and political involvement of people in rural areas, specially of women. We promote sustainable management of natural resources to insure life quality and the practice of human rights. We support social and communitarian organizations in order for them to improve their impact capacity and we promote their participation in decision making spaces that are related to water and sanitation services or the management of natural resources.

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