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PICOTEAM is a network of organisations in Africa, Latin America and Europe which supports people and organisations in their efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development. PICOTEAM members are bonded through the umbrella and a compelling common vision and mission.

Our work focus is grounded in joint experiential concept development and practice. This liaison has developed through long-standing working relationships and is built on mutual trust between all team members.

Our understanding of working as a TEAM is to learn together by jointly developing ideas and concepts, to work together as peers and reflect on experiences in order to improve our services and products continuously.

PICOTEAM integrates the following organisations:

  • PICOTEAM Ltd., United Kingdom – Germany
  • PICO Academy, South Africa
  • PICO Uganda, Uganda
  • PICO América Latina, Latin America
  • PICO Southern Africa, South Africa
  • PICO Tanzania, Tanzania

National PICO organisations are linked through PICOTEAM Ltd.,an international network organisation. PICOTEAM Ltd. was created as an umbrella organisation in order to provide a formal setting and core services (e. g. product development, quality assurance, international backstopping) for PICO team members and national PICO organisations. PICOTEAM is managed by a core group of professionals leading the team in terms of coordinating joint activities, conceptual orientation, development of products and services. Apart from the core team, a larger group of associated professionals who share the same spirit of working together also join PICOTEAM.

PICOTEAM is generally working on a non-profit base.

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