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Plan Germany

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Plan is an international organisation committed to a world in which all children can flourish and develop freely. In a society that protects children’s rights and children treated with dignity and respect. Regardless of their origin, religion and political conditions.

Child-centered community development

Plan works for and with them. The approach of child-centered community development is based on the rights of girls and boys on protection, promotion and equal participation in accordance with the Children’s Rights Convention of the United Nations.

Sustainable development

Whether children, parents, teachers and health workers, local NGOs or local authorities: Together, all project participants are working for sustainable development according to the needs and rights of children.

Effective sponsorship concept

The godson is a kind of ambassador for his congregation. Amounts of money into sustainable self-help projects, they are paid neither to individual godchildren still on their families. Sponsorship contributions, individual donations and public funds allow the long-term financing of the program work. The exchange of godparents with children and families strengthen cross-cultural understanding on both sides.

Prevention and Protection

For the protection of children preventive measures in the social structures of the communities to be established, and plan provides comprehensive information about children’s rights.

Disaster relief, reconstruction and disaster preparedness

Plan provides boys and girls at the center of immediate disaster relief and the indirect reconstruction. Plan emphasis is on child protection, education and child-oriented disaster preparedness. The approach of prevention is increasingly expanded in order to better protect them from the consequences of natural disasters. In 2006, Plan Germany its emergency funds to support relief efforts in the partner countries, if necessary, quickly and directly.

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