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Plumpton College

Plumpton College was established in 1926, in rural area near Brighton. It has been an associate college of the University of Brighton since 1995. Originally specialising in Agriculture, Horticulture and Poultry Husbandry, the subjects offered now include, among others, Wine Business and Wine Production.

The college’s 7-hectare vineyard produces over ten thousand bottles of wine a year, vinified in its winery. A Wine Centre was opened in 2007, mainly consisting of a commercial and research winery, laboratories, lecture theatre, and a wine evaluation room. The Wine Department delivers a wide range of wine-related courses, plus consultancy, wine analysis and research services. It also delivers industry-level training throughout the UK through the Wineskills project.

Plumpton and E-VitiClimate

Plumpton College has developed Module 2 of the E-VitiClimate learning content for English-speaking users, which focuses on region-specific climate change adaptations, for example managing new vines pestsand diseases as they spread with changing climatic conditions. This content can be accessed at

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