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Blue outline of a circle with another blue outline of a circle inside. Includes the words PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY and a green and blue symbol.

Although the University started initially with just two faculties, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Fisheries, since then, it has grown into a major research level institution covering all the major disciplines within academia. Today, the University enjoys its reputation as one of top universities in Korea.

The Department of Climate system was established to educate the integrated climate system of atmosphere, ocean and cities where life takes place. Academically, climate system includes atmospheric science, oceanography, geology, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, urban engineering, humanities and social sciences including policy making. Our objective is to educate major climate science issues for human survival and sustainable development through convergence and fusion of disciplines. In particular, we aim to educate and research understanding and prediction of changes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere climate systems by multidisciplinary approach of meteorology, oceanography, physics and ecology.

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