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Rwanda Rural Rehabilitation Initiative (RWARRI) is a national Non-Governmental Organization whose idea was conceived in 1994 in Kenya but started its operations in Rwanda in 1995. It is dedicated to the promotion of and improvement of social and economic welfare of rural communities in Rwanda. The Organization was started by a group of professionals and self-motivated Rwandese wishing to contribute towards the reconstruction of the country that had just emerged from war and genocide of Tutsi.

The mission of RWARRI is to be one of the most valued and respected NGOs in Rwanda and beyond, working towards achieving sustainable livelihoods among the rural poor, contributing towards shaping and implementation of national and global policies that lead to positive economic, social and technological transformation of the citizens.

The vision of RWARRI is the ultimate realization of a rural and vulnerable community that is economically sustainable, socially transformed, and food security. Fundamental to our vision is the belief that the above vision will be realized when community members themselves take ownership and responsibility for the entire development process.

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