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Sabah Nepal in dark red

SAARC Business Association of Home Based Workers (SABAH) Nepal is a social-business organization operating towards strengthening the livelihoods of poor and marginalized women home based workers (HBWs). Since its establishment it has been zeroing in on its mission of empowering the rural and urban poor women working in the informal sector through economic self-sufficiency.

The organization has a strong network of more than 1100 HBWs, members of the organization. These own and manage the organization and are spread all over the country. SABAH Nepal is funded by the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Development Fund (SAARC) and has partnerships with Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) and HomeNet South Asia.

What we do:

We produce world class products in cooperation with international experts. We emphasize the use of natural resources. Our workers are trained to take every stitch seriously, take every cut with precision, and every product with love.

SABAH’s creations are about fine craftsmanship and creative designs. Drawn from 10000 years of aesthetic tradition, they are adapted to global requirements by designers from around the world. We offer fine art, exclusive designs, and individual looks. The finest embroideries, knitting, crochet, macrame, and fine vegetable dyes become part of production, our products exposed to different phases of quality control. From the high mountains of Pakistan to the hottest plains of India to the lush valleys of Nepal, our designs cater to sophisticated and conservative tastes.

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