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Originally founded in 1962 as part of the vocational graduate study programme, the SLE today has four areas of operation. Each of these has been strategically developed since around 2011. These four areas are of equal importance and closely interlinked.

The SLE carries out studies in various formats, including:

1. Overseas project studies (AP) involving students from the postgraduate programme in ‘International Cooperation for Sustainable Development’.

2. Special overseas project studies together with SLE alumni. Special overseas studies are tailored to the needs of the commissioning body, with differing time frames and formats.

3. Funded research and consultancy projects (e.g. BMBF, BMZ, BMEL).

One of its research projects is the CRAIIP – Climate Resilient Agriculture Investigation and Innovation Project.

SLE supports a solution oriented research cooperation project in Indonesia, funded by Brot für die Welt and titled “Climate resilient agriculture investigation and innovation project” (CRAIIP). In nine villages in southern Sulawesi and western Java, small farmers will be supported in conducting field experiments, in order to test innovative agricultural methods and to assess their climate resilience.

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