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About SWC

Semantic Web Company (SWC) is a technology provider headquartered in Vienna (Austria). SWC supports organizations from all industrial sectors worldwide to improve their information management. Our core product has outstanding capabilities to extract meaning from big data by making use of linked data technologies. Our software supports the following issues of semantic information management:

  • managing corporate knowledge models
  • extract knowledge from big data via text mining
  • build recommender systems
  • link enterprise big data & open (government) data

On the market since 2009, PoolParty product family enables organisations from various sectors & global 500 companies to enter the age of semantic information managementwith scalable, easy to manage, corporate knowledge models. PoolParty APIs allow integration of semantic technologies with other systems like CMS, DMS, web shops or collaboration software like Confluence, Drupal or Sharepoint.

Our customers come from different industries (pharma, energy, telecommunications, media, finance) and public administration, aiming to

  • extract knowledge from big data from within their organisations and/or from the web
  • publish data and make information accessible on top of open standards
  • improve communication between knowledge workers by using social softwareand/or semantic technologies

The three key success factors to meet these challenges are:

  • establish professional metadata management
  • use standards from the semantic web and
  • embed semantic technologies and social software in common enterprise systems

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