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This project aims to construct energy efficient cook stoves for rural communities in Siaya County in Nyanza Province, Kenya. As in many rural regions in developing countries the supply of modern energy carriers such as electricity and fossil fuels is very limited and expensive. In Siaya district, only 1.4% of the population use electricity for lighting and only 0.1% for cooking purposes. To meet their basic energy needs households rely on locally available biomass such as firewood and also occasionally charcoal; almost 90% of households use firewood for cooking and 9% use charcoal for preparing their meals. Households in Siaya district traditionally cook on open fires consisting of 3 stones, in this way burning large amounts of fuel wood in very inefficient ways. This has severe impacts at the social (health) and environmental levels (e.g. deforestation, CO2 emission).This project aims to mitigate these impacts by introducing energy efficient cook stoves to Siaya communities in Kenya. The efficient cooks stove is a biomass rocket stove designed for burning wood and consists of two cooking units that can be separately fired. The stove is fixed and installed in households.
This project also aims to promote environmental stewardship and climate change adaptation preparedness in Ugenya District, Kenya (2009-2011): With funding from Artist Project Earth – UK, the project aimed at enhancing the capacity of small holder farmers to adapt to climate change challenges. This project also involves capacity building and applied research on appropriate approaches to integrating indigenous knowledge in combating the vagaries of climate change amongst the small holder farmers in Ugenya District. The project also sought to raise awareness amongst communities of the impacts of climate change. The project promotes negotiation for alternative livelihoods amongst the target communities, usage of early maturing and drought resistant crops, as well as capacity building and stakeholder consultation for policy direction/advice to address climate change.

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