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Territorial Analysis Laboratory (LAT)


The Territorial Analysis Laboratory was created at the beginning of 2009 in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Renewable Natural Resources (DCA) of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Chile . It arose from the need to bring together academics, professionals, thesis students and interns who work on research, development and innovation projects that seek the application of new technologies, techniques and methodological approaches for the analysis and integrated management of the territory and its natural resources.

The Territorial Analysis Laboratory (LAT) is a unit of an academic-professional nature whose mission is to include the concept of integrated and sustainable management of resources in the planning and management of the territory carried out by various public and private institutions,natural and environmental systems. This is achieved through the development and application of new methodologies and techniques that constitute a real support for decision-making and provide solutions to problems related to management tasks.

The fields of action in which the Territorial Analysis Laboratory (LAT) has been involved have been mainly related to the analysis and planning of the territory, the management of natural resources and support in the installation of capacities for territorial management. This is both to government institutions, private entities and indigenous and/or rural communities.

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