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The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture is a joint venture between the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government.

This partnership has brought together the human and physical resources of the Tasmanian Government with the scientific research and teaching capacity of the University of Tasmania (UTAS) to create a centre of excellence in agricultural research, development, extension, education and training. TIA’s activities are funded by the Tasmanian Government, UTAS, agricultural research, development and extension organisations, resource management organisations, other granting bodies and industry.

TIA has a dynamic team of scientists and technical experts many of whom are internationally renowned, with access to world-class facilities and equipment. TIA has strong links to other research, development and extension institutions in Australia and around the world.

TIA has a state, national and international mandate. At the state level, we work closely with our partners in government and industry to improve the performance of Tasmaniaís agricultural sector, across all industries and value chains. At a national level we show leadership in research excellence and partner strategically with many other organisations around Australia. Internationally we are rapidly increasing our research portfolio, influence and student numbers.

As an organisation on the boundary between science and society, TIA is positioned to create a constructive science community dialogue which is increasingly sought in the current environment. We provide straight-forward, technical solutions but we also address the difficult issues, characterised by contested values and conflicting objectives. Through the practical knowledge of our staff we support the development of robust, innovative agricultural policy that facilitates Tasmaniaís growth and that firmly establishes TIA as a world-class, science-based organisation.

TIA’s role is to provide a solution-oriented approach to research, development, extension and education. TIA functions as an integrated unit within the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology of UTAS. TIA’s Agricultural Science discipline within the School of Land and Food is helping to educate the next generation of farmers, agronomists, export managers and policy-makers to build the stateís economy and to help feed the worldís growing population.

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