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The University of New England is Maine’s largest private university, an innovative educational community with two distinctive coastal Maine campuses, a vibrant new campus in Tangier, Morocco and a robust offering of degree and certificate programs online. UNE attracts internationally recognized scholars in the health sciences, life sciences, business, education, the social sciences and the humanities, allowing both our graduate and undergraduate students to engage in research and scholarship alongside dedicated faculty. UNE offers a uniquely cosmopolitan, interdisciplinary academic environment with an emphasis on global engagement and hands-on learning experiences. As a community, we are committed to creating the future by nurturing well-rounded scholars and professionals who can adapt, prosper and lead in a rapidly evolving world.

Relevant research institutions and programmes:

The Center for Global Humanities

The Center for Global Humanities is a public forum dedicated to the study of human destiny in the 21st century. As new discoveries in science and technology are changing our understanding of human nature and raising burning questions about our future, the Center uses the lenses of the humanities to provide insight into this emerging human condition.

The Human Nature Project

The Human Nature Project draws on the best work in both the humanities and the sciences to throw light on human nature and to use this knowledge to address some of the most pressing problems facing humanity today—problems such as war, genocide, xenophobia, anthropogenic climate change, and environmental degradation.

Marine Science Center

The University of New England’s campus in Biddeford, Maine – at the meeting point of the Saco River and the Atlantic Ocean – is a confluence of natural resources that over the years has attracted and inspired students and faculty with an interest in the natural environment. The University has taken advantage of its unique location with the construction of the Marine Science Center, which provides state-of-the-art facilities for marine education and research.

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