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Unjárgga (Nesseby), Norway

Unjárgga gielda / Nesseby sits in the Varanger Fjord in Finnmark. The main industries are the last 100 years have been herding, farming and fishing. Geographical boundaries so we Tana, Sør-Varanger and Vadsø municipality. Unjárgga gielda / Nesseby is a 2-lingual area where the Sami and Norwegian languages have equal status.

The municipality has very good day care, good nursing and care services and often graduates of secondary schools in the state of Finnmark.

Besides the municipality, which is the largest employer, so the Sami Parliament has its main administration for cultural and environmental protection in Varangerbotn. The municipality grocery store, gas station, coffee shop, Italian restaurant, silversmith and post offices in the gas station. Other businesses include the Museum (Museum of responsibility for coastal Sami culture), aquaculture industry , and plant, Line Construction Contractor , garden centers, accounting firm, slaughter and taxis.

Unjárga / Finnmark are the best place in the world for outdoor activities. The municipality can offer everything from the fjord to the mountain, both summer and winter. For those interested in hunting and fishing as the municipality has several good salmon rivers and good hunting ground for both grouse and moose.

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