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VAAGDHARA was formed in 1986-87 as a result of efforts of number of individuals including health professional, academics, farmers and social workers. The immediate goal was to provide relief of farmers who have become victims of successive droughts in Ghantol Tehsil of Banswara region in Rajasthan. The humble endeavours included providing direct relief in the form of seeds and basic provisions for sustenance. VAAGDHARA (Voluntary Association of Agricultural General Development, Health and Reconstruction Alliance society) is a non-for-profit non-government organization committed to the empowerment of most deprived and vulnerable groups of the society, in particular the indigenous population of South Rajasthan, an already exploited and excluded group, which has been further marginalized over the past fifteen year when market economy has started pervading all spheres of governance and civic life. Located in Banswara town of Rajasthan, VAAGDHARA focuses its efforts in the district of Banswara, Dungarpur, Udaipur, Pratapgarh and Chhittorgarh. VAAGDHARA aims at promoting and facilitating development processes in water and resources scarce region through investing in human and technological development and augmentation of natural resources towards long term well-being of its partner communities, i.e. women, children, peasant folk and deprived tribal population.

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