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ViDoCs is an initiative of Bigg Shift Communications.

Bigg Shift Communications has been involved in creation and dissemination of user-led audio-video document for various renowned organizations and institutions. We have helped create video document for FAO, which was later screened at functions organized during World Food Day programs. We have also been involved in the production of high-quality-low-cost video film for CCAFS (IWMI), and ITC.

Our Mission

To help create local videos for local audience.We believe in the use of video – as against writing reports – to disseminate knowledge and information to the end users.


The main objective of any report is to have an impact on society and its development. But such report is read by only a limited number of people. This is more relevant in a rural context, where literacy rates are even lower. Consequently, the impact and reach of such published report is very limited.

New Age Media

With the promising new way of dissemination – pocket projectors, mobile phones – and emerging social media landscape – YouTube, Vimeo, social media websites – the reach of video is no longer restricted to the broadcast medium of Television.

Also, with the emergence of mobile phone camera and digital camera, effective video documentation has become much more easier. Editing your captured video content – with the help of simple non-linear video editing softwares – has become easier than ever before.

We capture good practices from villages and ensure that audience who would benefit most from these stories are reached.

Our Involvement

We will help you create video documents, which you never imagined was possible before.

We will help your team in capturing videos using simple cameras, edit the same on easy-to-use non-linear video editing softwares, help it upload onto social media sites (or stream it to village audience with pocket projectors). Using analytics-based data management tool, we also provide near real-time progress and outcome of the video screened.

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