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WWOOF india

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) provides a way for volunteers (WWOOFers) to learn about organic food, farming, and ways of life. In doing so it brings together people to share common human values and thinking. WWOOF also hopes to provide helping hands to its organic WWOOF hosts and allow WWOOFers to understand what it means to live organically. WWOOF is an exchange programme- volunteer help in exchange for food, accommodation and learning.

The Aims of WWOOF are:

  • To give first hand experience of organic or other ecologically-sound growing methods
  • To give experience of life in the countryside
  • To help the organic movement which is labour intensive and does not rely on artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides
  • To give people a chance to meet, talk, learn and exchange views with others in the organic movement
  • To provide an opportunity to learn about life in the host country by living, and working together

History of WWOOF in India

WWOOF India has been growing steadily in India. From just a few hosts in the starting now it has more than 150 Hosts including many NGOs , in coming years we hope to see more and more people becoming involved in this unique concept of Eco-activism.

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