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Sianda Canal Clearing Project in Nalolo – Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience Zambia

Sianda Canal Clearing Project in Nalolo - Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience Zambia

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The 9th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA9) took place in Nairobi, Kenya, from April 24-30 2015. The CBA series of conferences focus on the latest developments in community-based adaptation to climate change. The theme of this year’s event was “Measuring and enhancing effective adaptation”, and all the posters presented at the conference were summaries of projects related to the conference theme. This poster is one of the posters featured at the conference. For more information about CBA9, visit: If you want to learn more about community based adaptation, please visit the GICBA platform on weADAPT.


Sianda Community has a population of about 1,526 people. The community is located in Muoyo ward Nalolo District in the Western province of Zambia. The community has a number of vulnerable groups comprising the following:
  • 126 Single Headed Households of female, grandparents and children.
  • 472 Orphans and vulnerable children
  • 20 Persons with disabilities
  • 118 Families affected by HIV/AIDS
  • 105 Male Headed Households earning less than k 10.00 per month.
The community’s main activity is agriculture. Climate change has negatively affected this community due to frequent occurrence of floods in the area which has resulted in very low yields due limited arable land for agriculture. There is also an increase in water-borne diseases such as Malaria and bilharzia due to stagnant flood water.


This poster was produced by Yangailo Tryson

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