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CIRCE: Climate data for Oran case study

Annual rainfall in Oran 1926-2007

Oran is located in a semi-arid region bordered by the Saharan desert to the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. The climate displays strong inter-annual variability, being moderately wet and cool during winters and dry and warm during summers. Annual rainfall is relatively low, and with a growing demand for water, the scarcity of water resources is imposing a major constraint on development. Key messages from the analysis of climate records undertaken in the are study are that:

* Maximum temperatures show a clear warming trend since the 1970s.

* The frequency of hot days (above the 90th percentile) has increased.

* Total annual rainfall has decreased since the mid 1970s, and a marked seasonal shift has been observed in daily rain occurrence.

* In recent decades, autumn storm activity has become more frequent

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