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Climate services

This theme covers information and research for understanding and using climate data, communicating climate change and providing effective climate services.
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“El Niño” is knocking on our door: How can climate information help vulnerable populations make better decisions to protect themselves from its impacts?

Learn about the Agroclimatic Management Platform model which seeks to strengthen agroclimatic governance to improve agricultural productivity in the Andes. It highlights the importance of family farmers being able to access information and practices that help them adapt their activities to climatic events.

IPCC WG1 Interactive Atlas

Explore observed and projected climate change information in this novel tool developed by the UN IPCC. Use the regional information component to generate global climate maps, and the regional synthesis tab to get qualitative information about changes in climatic impact-drivers.

ZEROing IN on this critical decade for climate: Insights from the latest IPCC reports on the Paris Agreement, 1.5°C, and climate impacts

The latest ZERO INreport from the CONSTRAIN project dives into the science set out in the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessments. It investigates what our climate future could look like, depending on whether we take action in line with the Paris Agreement, or decide to follow current national policies and plans.

Climate Services for Infrastructure Baseline Assessment Report for the Nile Basin Countries

This baseline comprises all available and desired Climate Service products for the water sector as well as an assessment of the state of the Climate Service infrastructure regarding the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services capacities and potential to generate useful and usable climate information products for water-related sectors.

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