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National Adaptation Planning

Designing robust, flexible adaptation strategies for national adaptation plans.
national adaptation planning
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Public Engagement on Climate Change Adaptation: A briefing for developing country National Adaptation Plan teams

This report, jointly prepared by Climate Outreach and the NAP Global Network, provides an introduction to public engagement on climate change adaptation. It makes recommendations for how to make public engagement with climate adaptation inclusive and effective, and how to make links to the Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) agenda under the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement.
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Leveraging the National Adaptation Plan Process for Adaptation Communications

Learn about the opportunities for countries to leverage the results of NAP processes for preparing Adaptation Communications; and making strategic use of AdCom for boosting the profile and visibility of adaptation progress and needs without creating undue additional reporting burden. The report draws on experiences from the NAP Global Network’s support to 22 countries to build on their NAP processes to prepare their first AdComs.

Política Nacional de Adaptación al Cambio Climático de Costa Rica 2018-2030

Esta Política se plantea como marco rector que orientará las acciones del país en materia de adaptación. Nuestro país adquirió el compromiso de formular su Plan Nacional de Adaptación al 2018 en el marco de su Contribución Nacional ante el Acuerdo de París de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático en Setiembre del 2015, el cual fue ratificado por la Asamblea Legislativa el 6 de Octubre del 2016.

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