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Cities and climate change

Views on trends, challenges, findings and case studies of cities adapting throughout the world.
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Coastal climate impact analysis and sanitation hazard assesment framework

In low- and middle-income countries, current urban sanitation services often struggle to safely contain and treat human waste for a variety of reasons. Sea level rise and the associated increase in storm surges will add further complexity to urban sanitation service planning in these settings. Planning for sea level rise is needed to ensure the future reliability of these services and can be a catalyst for upgrading neglected sanitation services.
This handbook provides stepwise guidance for facilitating authorities responsible for citywide sanitation services to develop an adaptive action plan for ensuring the resilience of their city’s sanitation services to the impacts of sea level rise.
Lisa Devignol Published in Case-study

Resilient Coast Santa Cruz: Cross-sector collaboration for long-term resilience

Learn about the Resilient Coast Santa Cruz (Resilient Coast) initiative which aims to address coastal adaptation for the long-term resilience of the City of Santa Cruz's coastline. Informed by scientific work and community vision, Resilient Coast utilizes an adaptation pathways approach supported by immersive and interactive tools, such as virtual reality used to facilitate community engagement.

Locally Led Planning: A Guide for Building Climate Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements

Discover resources for locally-led, inclusive, multisectoral upgrading for climate resilience in urban informal settlements in this guide. It aims to support a range of stakeholders to both build climate resilience in informal settlements and link locally led action with broader processes of urban and climate governance.

Adapting Coastal Cities and Territories to Sea Level Rise in North America – U.S. West Coast: Challenges and Leading Practices

Explore an overview of current practices and remaining challenges for coastal cities in defining and implementing adaptation strategies to sea level rise, proposed solutions, and leading practices developed across California, Oregon and Washington in the latest Ocean & Climate Platform report.

Urban heat in South Asia: Integrating people and place in adapting to rising temperatures

Learn about the current state of knowledge of and plans to manage urban heat in South Asia in this World Bank policy brief. It examines heat in South Asian cities through the different layers of the urban environment, explores different population groups that are vulnerable to urban heat, and provides 3 key recommendations.

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