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Farmers Moving Towards Resilience: Suid Bokkeveld Case Study on Climate Change Adaptation

Farmers with weather station to monitor and record local weather

The project mainly seeks to deal with climatic risks associated with drought and water scarcity, and social vulnerabilities linked to a lack of access to agricultural land and markets, socio-political exclusion, and limited livelihood options. CBA activities were undertaken within a broader long-term set of participatory development processes. This included: enhancing problem-solving capacity through a series climate change preparedness workshops involving farmers, NGO practitioners, and researchers; monitoring and recording local weather and water levels; testing the accuracy of seasonal forecasts; testing the resilience and productivity of different wild and cultivated Rooibos seed varieties; installing solar power, erecting wind barriers, removing invasive alien tree species, controlling soil erosion, collecting and storing rainwater.Bettina Koelle, [email protected] Indigo Development and Change, Heiveld Co-operative and Environmental Monitoring Group

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