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Adaptation strategies for the Chiquitano tropical dry forest in Eastern Bolivia

The Chiquitano Model Forest is one of three case study model forests of the EcoAdapt project, which aims to develop and implement ecosystem-based adaptation strategies in Argentinian, Bolivian and Chilean communities.

The Chiquitano forest is the largest and best preserved tropical dry forest in the American continent, with an extraordinary natural wealth of biodiversity and landscapes. Even today, the culture of the Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos remains, expressed in their traditions and temples of the American baroque, which have been declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Its economy is based on productive forest use, in livestock farming and agriculture. The forest is mainly concentrated in the region known as Chiquitania, comprising the provinces Velasco, Chiquitos, Ñuflo Chavez, Angel Sandoval, and Germain Guarayos Busch, and covers 14 municipalities.

Non-wood forest products and the local Chiquitano economies

Chiquitano Model Forest yearbook (in spanish)

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