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Climate Change and Health: A Tool to Estimate Health and Adaptation Costs

The WHO Regional Office for Europe prepared this economic analysis tool to support health adaptation planning in European Member States. It is based on a review of the science. It is expected to be applied in Member States mainly by line ministries responsible for climate change adaptation. It provides step-by-step guidance on estimating:

(a) the costs associated with damage to health due to climate change,

(b) the costs for adaptation in various sectors to protect health from climate change and

(c) the efficiency of adaptation measures, i.e. the cost of adaptation versus the expected returns, or averted health costs.

The tool consists of a document describing the methods step by-step and a manual with an Excel spreadsheet, which is a visual aid for calculating costs.

To obtain the Excel spreadsheet, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

2013, viii + 46 pagesISBN 978 92 890 0023 9Free of chargeThis publication is only available online.

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