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Summary Report: ECCA 2nd Live Chat Session on Preparation for an Upcoming Workshop

In preparation for the second Economics of Climate Change (ECCA) capacity building workshop held in October 2013, the second moderated live chat session was held on 10 September 2013.
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Summary Report: ECCA 2nd Live Chat Session on Preparation for the Upcoming Workshop


The two-year programme entitled ‘Capacity Building Programme on the Economic of Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA)’ a cooperative effort between UNDP, USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Yale University, was launched in October 2012 to identify gaps in capacity development needs in an area that is critical for helping targeted Asian countries to formulate national adaptation plans and access to climate finance. During the programme, designated mentors including two experts from Yale University worked closely together with country teams to support them to follow the planned activities. In preparation for the 2nd regional ECCA training workshop, the second moderated live chat session of the ECCA programme was held on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 from 19:00 to 21:00 (Bangkok time) to discuss the workshop structure and content, ECCA Country Team expectations, and the preparatory work and materials for the workshop. All ECCA members were encouraged to participate in this online discussion to 1) better prepare for the workshop and 2) to share feedback in order to better inform the training materials and lectures currently being prepared by the mentors. The 14 participants of the Live Chat consisted of ECCA Country Team members, mentors, and resource persons. The Country Team participants shared their experiences with the in‐country data collection, and asked questions to the lead mentors in the programme related to the upcoming workshop. The live chat was moderated by UNDP‐USAID Capacity Building Programme Coordinator and supported by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Bangkok Regional Centre.

This summary document (download from the right-hand column) records the key discussion points in the lively discussion that followed.

The first live discussion took place on 19 June 2013 from 19:00 to 21:00 Bangkok time to discuss the Agriculture Survey Instrument. This assessment tool is developed to undertake country level cost analysis on Climate Change Adaptation (CCA); this and other tools were presented and discussed at the first regional ECCA capacity building workshop held in March 2013.

Funded through USAID’s Regional Development Mission for Asia (USAID/RDMA) and implemented by AECOM, USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific was designed to share information and best practices about climate change adaptation finance modalities and project preparation tools and help governments build capacity to access the existing pool of international climate change adaptation funds.

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