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CIP landing page

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Welcome to weADAPT!

We gather you’ve been browsing around the Climate Information Portal (CIP) looking at climate data that’s available for the areas that you work in. You seem to have reached the point in your CIP usage where we thought you might find it useful to come across to weADAPT and look at what supporting or complementary information for your climate analysis and guidance is available here.

If you are doing a climate vulnerability assessment then we’d recommend you go to the home page of the Vulnerability initiative to get an introduction and overview of what’s available within weADAPT on this topic then go on to look at the more specific resources that suit your specific needs.

If you are more interested in some more introductory information about using climate data and information to design an adaptation strategy or plan an adaptation project then we’d suggest you first go to the home page of the Using Climate Information initiative and navigate yourself from there to the specific resources that look useful for what you need.

If, on the other hand, you want to start by looking at what’s available that’s specific to the sector and/or country that you are working in then enter the keyword(s) into the search at the top of the page and see what is found, or browse around the Adaptation Layer displayed on Google Earth to find case studies, projects, available assessment reports, etc. by location.

OR, if you feel a bit lost and unsure of what weADAPT is, what it can offer you, how it works and who is behind it then before jumping into the details why not get an overview of weADAPT first.

Additional background

Here’s a bit of background to the weADAPT-CIP linkages in case you are interested…

CIP has developed out of and replaced a tool that was part of weADAPT, the Climate Change Explorer (CCE) tool. For practical reasons it needed to take on a life of it’s own separate from weADAPT, but the teams developing weADAPT and CIP are working together to re-integrate these two platforms to increasing degrees, making it easier for users to navigate between them to draw on the different but complementary guidance, information and data that the two platforms provide. Initially this involves adding lots more links between the two sites so that users can navigate back and forth at useful junctions in their journey through the content of each. But ultimately we are working towards a more fundamental coupling between the two, where users might not even notice that they are interacting with two different sets of resources. We are also starting to look at how links might be established with other existing platforms that provide climate change related data and/or information to increase the value and utility of each for their respective users.

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