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Climate Change and Agrobiodiversity Research

The aims of the Agrobiodiversity and Climate Change project are to bring together information, stimulate communication and identify relevant tools and practices.
Agrobiodiversity conservation

The aims and objectives of the Agrobiodiversity and Climate Change project are:

  • To bring together information from rural communities, indigenous peoples and research workers on how they use agrobiodiversity to cope with climate change.
  • To stimulate communication between agrobiodiversity researchers, users and maintainers.
  • To identify tools and practices relevant to using agrobiodiversity for coping with climate change and making these widely available.

Ultimately, these will lead to the main goals of this project, which are:

  • To provide a synthesis of available information, assess major knowledge gaps and identify research that will respond to the needs of farmers, communities and indigenous peoples, and
  • To promote awareness of the vital role of agrobiodiversity in adapting to climate change among key audiences, including donors, development agents and the global biodiversity community.

The Platform understands good research as a crucial precondition for successful adaptation!

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