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Climate Change and Migration

There is a growing recognition that environmental degradation and climate change hold the potential to result in significant population displacement, which the world is presently ill- equipped to prevent or respond to in an effective manner. Africa will be at the forefront of many of these concerns.

Both gradual processes and extreme environmental events can cause migration. Yet current policy responses tend to focus on how to deal with the impacts of sudden natural disasters rather than with the consequences of longer-term environmental degradation. While migration is a coping mechanism and survival strategy for those who move, increased migration may itself contribute to further environmental degradation and socio-economic stress.

This practical but highly complex and chronic issue has been largely ignored (it is not covered in any detail by the IPCC AR4). The complexity of this topic and the difficulty to predict the magnitude of environmentally induced migration have in some respects worked against building awareness and momentum for practical action. However, all evidence points towards climate and environmentally induced migration becoming one of the major policy challenges of this century. Adequately planning for and managing environmentally induced migration will be critical for human security.

Numerous types of disaster risk reduction have been adopted in response to natural hazards but their scope is often short term. Even though such systems offer people safety, they do not help to protect them from the middle to long term threats to food security and health, economic decline, inundation of coastal areas, and degradation of land and fresh water resources and even conflict associated with natural disasters. The interplay of environmental and socio-economic stresses has often induced migration as an adaptation strategy.

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