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Regan Suzuki

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Linking Adaptation and Mitigation through Community Forestry: Asia

This report focuses on the linkages between mitigation and adaptation in community forestry contexts. In keeping with the IPCC, we argue that neither mitigation nor adaptation measures alone are sufficient to respond to climate change impacts and that greater attention to the inter-relationships, synergies, and trade-offs between them are required (IPCC, 2007). The five case studies give insights into how and why adaptation considerations must be integrated within forest-based mitigation efforts such as REDD+.
Regan Suzuki Published in Case-study

Linking Adaptation and Mitigation through Community Forestry: Case Studies from Asia

Exploring the role of forests for mitigation, adaptation, and livelihoods can identify potential synergies and trade-offs.These case studies are based on local experiences in Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam in an attempt to explore how community forestry may contribute to adaptation and mitigation goals. They are exploratory and descriptive in nature and although not purporting to be representative of the region, they provide a foundation for a better understanding of these relationships. The case studies for the five focus countries are included with this publication.

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