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African Conservation Centre integrates knowledge, environment and livelihoods to sustain biodiversity in East Africa. As an African hub for cutting edge ecological research and community-based conservation practices, we bring together the people and resources needed for long-term solutions. Our approach is to:

Conserve Biodiversity in East Africa

We identify the most bio-rich areas and integrate science with indigenous knowledge to determine the best ways to protect these areas for everyone.

Improve Livelihoods

We partner with communities living with wildlife to ensure they have the information and tools to continue to coexist with wildlife in a changing world. We assist communities in developing trainings, workshops, funding, and information exchanges related to ecotourism, nature-based products, crafts, rangeland and wildlife management, cultural heritage and environmental education.

Promote Learning Exchanges

We are collaborators and value learning from and sharing with communities, organizations, institutions and cultures. We bring together individuals, communities, funders, scientists, organizations, cultures and governmental organizations to develop conservation practices and policies that work on the ground and are modelable around the world.

Develop Biodiversity Informatics

The African Conservation Centre is a leader in developing new ways to organize, understand, and provide access to biological data about East Africa’s rich biodiversity.

Guiding Values

Through the years, we have stayed true to the following guiding values:

  • Innovate: Identify issues and develop innovative solutions to address the conservation challenges.
  • Collaborate: Blend knowledge (scientific and local) and partner with others to create an information and best practices hub
  • Respect: Appreciate cultural pluralism while respecting local peoples’ ability to use and manage their own resources to improve their livelihoods.
  • Equity: Ensure that communities get their rightful share of conservation benefits.
  • Empower: Build skills, enhancing knowledge and enabling people to manage and govern their own institutions and resources.

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