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BARI (Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute) is the largest multi- crop research institute conducting research on a wide variety of crops, such as cereals, tubers, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits, spices, flowers, etc. Besides variety development, this institute carries out research on such areas as soil and crop management, disease and insect management, water management and irrigation, development of farm machinery, improvement of cropping and farming system management, post-harvest handling and processing, and socio-economic studies related to production, processing, marketing and consumption. The institute functions with the director general as the chief executive along with three directors of three of its major wings, such as Research Wing, Support Service Wing, and Training and Communication Wing. The Research Wing executes and monitors all the research programmes and other research activities through 7 special crop research centres, 17 research divisions, 6 regional research stations and 28 sub-stations. Support Service Wing provides all the logistic supports in research and personnel management. This wing is also responsible for infrastructural development and general procurement of the institute. The Training and Communication Wing is responsible for human resource development through conducting trainings and arranging scholarships for higher studies. Dissemination of information through print and electronic media, organizing seminars and symposia are also the important areas of activities of this wing.

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