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CARDI focuses on knowledge generation, risk management, soil and water management to drive the Caribbean agricultural agenda.

Over the years, the Caribbean agricultural agenda has continued to be guided/driven by the sequence of initiatives/reports following the declaration of the Treaty of Chaguaramas, July, 1973. These include the Regional Transformation Programme for Agriculture (RTP), and ‘The Jagdeo Initiative’, which was conceptualised to hasten its implementation. Some highlights of the regional agricultural strategy are captured by Norman Girvan’s ‘priorities for regional action’ that are summarised as follows:

  • The upgrading of facilities for intra-regional agricultural trade and transport
  • The strengthening of regional collaboration in agricultural Research & Development as well as increased funding for regional bodies
  • Evaluation of investment opportunities
  • Market intelligence-Sharing of information with respect to the demand and supply of agricultural commodities

The implementation of these actions places emphasis on the generation of appropriate technology products and services in areas of:

  • Post harvest (including cleaning, storage, sorting, packaging)
  • Improved/state of the art analytical and (germplasm) storage equipment, capacity building etc.
  • Information management and distribution

The above actions, when interpreted along with The Jagdeo Initiative’s Key Binding Constraints and the need to increase productivity and production, give urgency and definition to a major role of CARDI in support of the attainment of regional food security and the overall development of Caribbean people. As discussed, mechanisms originating from the spirit of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, that fosters the development of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME), must spearhead/facilitate this process.

Knowledge Generation, Diffusion & Application

Development of commodities that ensure food and nutrition security.

Risk Management

Focuses on the threats, challenges and opportunities for managing invasive species and climate change.

Soil and Water Management

Soil rejuvenation, soil conservation, water harvesting and use, soil water enhancement.

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