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The University of Kiel (a.k.a.Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, CAU) is a university in the city of Kiel, Germany. It was founded in 1665 as the Academia Holsatorum Chiloniensis by Christian Albert, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp and has approximately 24,000 students today.

The CAU takes an interdisciplinary approach to large, socially relevant themes such as environmental change, health and human development. Featured research includes:

“Future Ocean”

The future of our society depends on the development of the oceans. The oceans play a key role in the global climate and potentially pose threats to coastal communities through sea level rise, the occurrence of tsunamis and landslides in the sea or the progressive acidification of oceans due to increasing uptake of carbon dioxide. The oceans also provide resources, including marine medicine, fisheries or new energy sources. Go to the “Future Ocean” website.

“Human Development in Landscapes”

The human environment is emerging as a defining factor of its social and cultural developments. A deeper understanding of the complex relationship between society, culture and the environment plays a key role in understanding the dynamic processes of change. The Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes” is devoted to unprecedented interdisciplinary research into this thread. Go to the website for “Human Development in Landscapes”.

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