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Center of Excellence for Crop Rotation


The Center of Excellence for Crop Rotation promotes Conservation Agriculture. This concept focuses on the following:

  • Elimination or reduction of ploughing exercises which disrupt the soils natural processes
  • Preservation of soil resulting in reduced erosion and better water conservation
  • Increased use of rotational crops to break the cycle of disease
  • A focus on promoting and boosting biological activity and diversity
  • More opportunistic farming – fewer fixed dates and more season-based cropping decisions

A key aspect of Conservation Agriculture is that rotational crops not only must be used; but that they must become part of the economic cycle for the farm. If performed correctly, Conservation Agriculture results in lower cost of production and better long term sustainability for the farming system.


The Center of Excellence for Crop Rotation partners with farmers on and off the field to ensure they have 360 degrees of support in maximizing the running of their farms. It offers:

  • Analysis: Evaluation of soil health is the key to a bumper harvest. We analyse soil sample results to better understand how to improve your harvests.
  • Training: Our experts conduct practical training seminars on a regular basis. Get in touch to see when the next seminar will be.
  • Support: We provide Agronomical support to link farmers to suppliers and markets. Creating value for the farmer.
  • Consulting: Our experts are always on hand to listen to your challenges and offer their expert advice.

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