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Clark University

Clark University in black next to a red ring with a white and grey sun and book inside.

Clark University is a private research university in Worcester, Massachusetts. The University seeks to prepare students to meet the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing society. In students and faculty, Clark fosters a commitment to excellence in studying traditional academic disciplines, as well as innovation in exploring questions that cross disciplinary boundaries. The free pursuit of inquiry and the free exchange of ideas are central to that commitment.

With more than 130 courses addressing issues of sustainability and more than 10 sustainability-oriented student organizations, Sustainable Clark is fully engaged in proactive sustainability, on and off campus. Sustainable Clark is invested in climate justice, environmental justice and equity. We recognize that the impacts of environmental degradation and climate change disproportionately affect marginalized and vulnerable communities. We know that the struggle for racial justice, disability justice, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and all other forms of oppression are deeply intertwined with the fight against climate change. Climate change is without a doubt an equity and public health issue. We are committed to supporting the resources of our own community at Clark – among them knowledge, research, innovation and creativity – in the work of re-balancing injustice in our own neighborhood and across the globe to support resilient, healthy communities that thrive in concert with nature.

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