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Cordaid is one of the largest development aid organizations in the Netherlands.We work closely with a network of 617 partner organizations in 38 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America as well as providing help to disadvantaged groups in the Netherlands itself.

We are proud co-founders of Caritas Internationalis, which brings an additional worldwide network of over 160 organizations; we are able to organize responses to disasters even more rapidly in countries where Caritas in represented.

Our local presence in a particular country often results from the fact that our Caritas partners are usually found in fragile and (post-) conflict areas


Our vision is a world where we share our Global Common Goods, where we make space for diversity and where we create flourishing communities that can reach out to and work with the vulnerable around the world.

In flourishing communities people share values, interests and a common purpose. Flourishing communities create space where people can live with dignity, safely, have the freedom to speak out and have access to quality and affordable basic services, such as healthcare.

A flourishing community offers its people access to opportunities so that they can realize their potential and participate in social, economic, cultural and spiritual life.


To bring about transformation in societies around the world so that they become more just, more inclusive and more sustainable. That is why Cordaid aims to be the NGO working internationally and consistently with constituents on locally-based development and cooperation to build flourishing communities in fragile contexts and (post-) conflict areas. We do that through our social enterprise approach and financial innovation.

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