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The City of Vancouver has a climate change adaptation stratgy that aims to ensure the city remains liveable and resilient, maintaining its values, character and charm in the face of climate change. Their strategy’s guiding principles include:

  • Using the best science available at the time of planning and reviewing regularly.
  • Promoting flexible and adaptive management approaches that leave a range of future options available.
  • Giving priority to adaptation strategies that build on existing programs or policies and providing co-benefits with mitigation and sustainability goals.
  • Establishing and maintaining strong networks with First Nations and other levels of government as well as with partners such as the Port, the Board of Trade and the Vancouver Economic Commission.
  • Adaptation efforts should be mindful of, and include, planning to meet the unique needs and conditions of people who are most vulnerable.

The goals of their stratgy are to:

  • Increase the resilience of City infrastructure, programs and services to anticipated local climate change impacts.
  • Promote and facilitate the incorporation of climate change information into City business.
  • Improve awareness, knowledge, skills and resources of City staff.
  • Enhance opportunities for coordination and cooperation through the development of networks and partnerships.

The City of Vancouver’s key adaptation measures include:

  • Completing a comprehensive Integrated Stormwater Management Plan and continuing with sewer separation.
  • Completing a coastal flood risk assessment.
  • Amending flood-proofing policies.
  • Completing an urban forest management plan.
  • Including climate change adaptation measures in the next Vancouver Building Bylaw update.
  • Developing a back-up power policy.
  • Implementing water conservation actions.

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