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Climate Resilient Communities became its own organization dedicated to uplifting the San Francisco Peninsula’s underrepresented communities in September 2020, becoming a fully independent 501(c)(3) in January 2023. This transition allowed CRC to expand its offerings and help provide community-based solutions that center local voices to empower community action.

CRC’s work stems from recognition of the fact that in the Bay Area, as throughout the world, under-resourced communities are disproportionately vulnerable to climate change impacts. Since 2016 Climate Resilient Communities has been on the ground learning the specific needs of residents in diverse, under-resourced communities in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven (Menlo Park). Our outreach cultivates environmental awareness while giving local residents a voice in proactive resilience planning and adaptation. By building stronger alliances between residents, schools, local government programs and community-based organizations, this work creates resilience against climate-related stresses such as sea-level rise and economic instability.

CRC’s Resilient Adaptation program focuses on creating tangible, action-oriented projects that address community priorities in response to climate change and sea level rise, ranging from contributions to city-wide adaptation and resilience planning to interventions for individual residents and families.

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