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The CVC was created on October 22, 1954 to stimulate the integrated development of the upper level of the Cauca Valley, being one of the first autonomous corporations in Colombia, and without a doubt setting the standard for the creation of other corporations in our country. The idea for the creation of this corporation began in the 1930’s when the region began to look for solutions to lessen the severity of the consequences from the occasional disasters such as the flooding of the Cauca River and the overflowing of its tributaries. These initiatives were analyzed at the beginning of the 1950’s by entities such as World Bank, and by such experts as David Lilienthal, President of the Tennessee Valley Authority, who worked supporting a management group of the Cauca Valley like Jose Castro Borrero, Ciro Molina Garces, Manuel Carvajal Sinisterra and Harold Eder, among others. After a socio-economic study of the region and country, a recommendation was made that the high basin of the Cauca River be used as the strategic point to create the first national entity that focused on the required plans for increasing the wellbeing of the inhabitants of this basin. The work of this new entity would be to focus on the farming and livestock industries, the regional encouragement, and the management of natural resources, proportionally in a balanced growth between the biophysical, the social and the economic aspects of the region. That was how, by means of Decree 3110 the 1954, that this corporation was founded.


To execute and promote as the environmental authority the sustainable human development from the environmental dimension in harmony and coordination with the distinct social groups of the department of the Valle del Cauca and its surrounding areas.


In the year 2012, the CVC will have implemented a plan among the distinct social groups of the department of the Valle del Cauca that will be identified by the sustainable human development and responsible actions in the face of distinct environmental situations.

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