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ENERGIA is an international network on gender and sustainable energy that aims to place gender on the energy access agenda.

ENERGIA consists of like- minded organisations and professionals, active in 22 countries in Asia and Africa. Established in 1996 to create an institutional base for galvanising action aimed at integrating gender into the energy access agenda of developing countries as well as globally. Our view is that energy programmes, policies and markets that explicitly address gender issues, will result in better outcomes in terms of the sustainability, profitability and human development opportunities available to women and men.

Our vision

Women and men have equal and equitable access to and control over sustainable energy services as an essential human right to development

Our mission

To contribute to women’s economic empowerment by scaling up the delivery of energy services through women led micro and small enterprises, to provide recommendations for policy and practice through generating and analysing empirical evidence on the links between gender, energy and poverty, and to contribute to increasing the knowledge about the gender and energy nexus by producing and disseminating training materials and other knowledge management products.

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