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Gaia GeoSystems

Support countries in their discovery and efficient use of geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to improve populations ‘quality of life while respecting the environment. In terms of services, Gaia GeoSystems can help your institution in the:

• Management of small and large scale multi-disciplinary GIS teams and projects;

• Analysis of existing information systems and proposition of cost-effective solutions to improve them when it comes to the integration of the geographic and time dimensions;

• Strengthening of the data compatibility component of your Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI);

• Development and provision of training (GIS, GPS, SDI, SNA,…);

• Development of the geographic component of data collection instruments and supervision of field data collection;

• Development and implementation of advanced spatial analytical methods and models, including but not limited to geographically based risk assessments and geographic accessibility;

• Writing of GIS oriented project proposals.

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