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Officially registered in March 2015, I DO aims to accelerate the transformation of India by creating social leaders, and providing them with support and a platform using which they can collaborate with like-minded people.

India is an immense and diverse country, and faces an equally immense and diverse range of problems (like lack of access to good education and basic health care, unemployment, poor and unequal access to resources). I DO believe that such problems are not being solved due to ineffective action and, in many cases, inaction. Just blaming the government is pointless. India is a democracy. Irrespective of individuals’ professions, all can contribute to development and good governance through effective action. But such action is lacking. In addition, there is not much support for people interested in driving change. This discourages many from getting into the social sector. Further, many of those who are driving change at grassroots rarely collaborate with others working in similar fields. If they do so, then the process of social change would be accelerated.

Our strategy is to create:

  • social leaders,
  • a platform which supports social leaders to initiate and execute projects in areas of their interest, and
  • a platform for organizations and social leaders to synergize their efforts.

We also aim to work with the government and use laws like RTI, RTE, Recognition of Forest Rights Act, etc. to drive change, wherever and whenever possible.

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