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Brown shape with IBIS rice pure Cambodian Jasmine written in white inside, with a white ibis flying

Our mission is to grow great-tasting rice that protects endangered species, preserves vulnerable forests and supports Wildlife-Friendly® farmers so that we can save earth’s most precious resources. We envision a world where people, wildlife and nature can coexist and thrive.

We are dedicated to empowering sustainable farmers that are passionate about safeguarding the environment. That’s why we partner exclusively with certified Wildlife-Friendly® forest farmers who are committed to preserving the environment through a shared commitment of zero deforestation, zero poaching, and zero chemicals.

IBIS Rice was launched 2009 by the Wildlife Conservation Society when conservationists discovered how endangered animals, like the Giant Ibis, were competing with humans for the same prized natural resources in one of the last remaining ecosystems of its kind. By building sustainable solutions with forest farmers, we are now able to improve the state of their habitat, proving that farming communities and wildlife can coexist.

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