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Institute for Sustainable Communities

Since our founding in 1991, ISC has helped people bring clean air, water, and land to their communities while conserving precious resources.

We have found that our approach—engaging communities and building the capacity of local organizations to solve problems—is critical to addressing issues like environmental health and climate change, where a groundswell of citizen commitment is needed to have the most impact.

Today, taking advantage of the best Chinese and U.S. expertise, we are bringing cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environmental practices to Guangdong and Jiangsu, China, two of the country’s most industrial provinces. Our Environment, Health and Safety Academy—which President Bill Clinton highlighted at the Clinton Global Initiative—is helping Chinese factory managers save energy, protect their workers, and minimize their environmental impacts.

In hurricane-damaged communities along the Gulf Coast in the United States, we are helping residents rebuild sustainably to protect their natural resources and local economies while guarding against future disasters.

In 2009 ISC launched the Climate Leadership Academy to help communities translate their commitment to reducing climate pollution into effective action. The Academy brings together teams of senior municipal and regional officials, local climate and energy practitioners, and expert faculty around pressing climate-related topics such as building energy retrofits, transportation, and green jobs.

ISC’s headquarters are located in Montpelier, France.

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